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  • Kitty Visits 1 x per/day 1 - Cat $18.00 per/visit  2 - Cats $20.00 per/visit 

  • Kitty Visits 2 x per/day  up to 2 - Cats $30.00 per/day
  • Complete Change of the litter box during one of the visits, $5.00 extra
  • NOTE: Kitties can get very mad when you leave them so proper Kitty Care is important in your absence to maintain cleanliness and regularity in their lives. During each kitty care visit we give: Food, Fresh Water, Scratches, Brushing, a Good Scoop of the Potty Box, Sweep up or Vacuum around Potty- Box area of Scattered Litter, Clean Eyes, give Medication, and of course, treats and conversation.  Cats love to know someone is there and they haven't been abandoned. Book Kitty Care for your next travel time so your Kitties are taken care of properly in your absence. We look forward to taking care of them.
  • A Recommended Kitty Care - Cat Care Taker of Charlotte, North Carolina

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